Sleep Problems in Young Adult Students

Sleep problems were found to be both prevalent and increasing among students, revealed study published in the Journal of Sleep Research.

In the study that included Norwegian college and university students in 2010, 2014, and 2018, both male and female students had an average sleep duration in the lower end of the normal range on weekdays (7:24 hours) but met their own sleep need and sleep recommendations at weekends (8:25 hours).

‘Sleep problems, equal to mental health problems, warrant attention as a public health concern among college students.’

The overall prevalence of insomnia among participants was 34.2 percent for women and 22.2 percent for men. There was a substantial increase in sleep problems from 2010 (22.6 percent) to 2018 (30.5 percent), which was especially pronounced in women.

“We are worried about the high and increasing prevalence of insomnia in our college students,” said lead author Prof. Børge Sivertsen, of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Source: Eurekalert